Who is Osawa Youske?


Hi, I’m an artist based in Tokyo, Japan. My work is a mixed up image of all the things that come and go in my life.
Growing up in Tokyo, I was always surrounded by artificial things and my life felt very plastic. Even the people often looked fake and produced. But I also found beauty and truth in them.
My art work is a result of me struggling to embrace and connect with the world.

They’re very raw, pure and honest but also fake and plastic at the same time, just like my life here in a international metropolis. That paradoxical image of the world is at the base of my art. I’m always fascinated that we all share the same world and still see it very differently. I want to enhance this freedom of individuality and also bring people together through my art works. Being free and being connected to the others may sound like the opposite but I believe those are the two things you need in order to be happy. You need the freedom to be yourself but you also need to feel connected and accepted by others too. Fortunately, because we are all different, we all have different values and some things aren’t so important for us. We can have that space for someone else to be free. When you know what you need and what you don’t need, you can give others the freedom to be themselves. And that’s the kind of connection we need in this world now. I wish my art to be a help for people to find and remember the freedom they need, and the space in their hearts that they can share with the others.